Show Your Work by A. Kleon

Category : Art, Books
Date : 10/02/2016


Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Forget the lone genius myth, says Kleon, author of the best-seller, Steal like an Artist (2012). His 10-step journey in this beginner’s guide to self-promotion emphasizes audience building and explains the how and why of such approaches as thinking about process rather than product, sharing something each day, teaching what you know, learning to take a punch, and developing staying power. Kleon’s use of artists’ quotes, photographs, and organizational diagrams enhances the text as he reminds readers of how interested people are in the creative process. Become a documentarian . . . start a journal . . . keep a scrapbook . . . see the work you’re doing more clearly and feel . . . progress. When you’re ready to share, you’ll have a surplus of material. Put work out there and let people take their best shot. Then make even more work and keep sharing it until you learn that criticism can’t hurt and may help you. And stick with it. Kleon’s powerful advice makes this small-format book not-at-all little. — Whitney Scott

No genial New York Times bestseller Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon, apresentou aos leitores a chave para o desbloqueio da criatividade. Agora surge com o próximo passo da jornada: como mostrar o seu trabalho. SHOW YOUR WORK! Põe um fim ao destrutivo mito do génio solitário, mostrando aos artistas, escritores e criativos empreendedores como se unirem pela nova ecologia do talento. Sobre como ser descoberto ao tornar o trabalho acessível, como usar o “networking” em vez de perder tempo no “networking”. A chave é o processo e não o produto final. Partilhe qualquer coisa todos os dias (mas sem se tornar num “Human SPAM”). A partir de dez principios, SHOW YOUR WORK!